Unelma-Asu Dream*Dress

Unelma-asu Dream'Dress on 2010 perustettu alusasujen erikoisliike Parikkalan keskustassa.


Unelma-Asu Dream*Dress is year 2010 established Finnish family company which is focused on selling only high quality lingerie, swimwear etc. Unelma-Asu is also truly a PrimaDonna shop but also other high branch names as marlies dekkers, MarieJo, Chantelle, Aubade, elomi, Freya, Fantasie, Opera, Sunflair, Damella, Anita are represented in large variety. Our boutigue puts high effort in personal service and thorough fitting with high skill personnel in English also.

Quality should be seen in products in perfect fitting and durability, luxurious feeling on skin plus bonus that it is also beautiful, sexy, female and is wanted colourful in every size. Most beautiful ones can have swarowski jewellery or some other special details on them. The principle is that all of this is available also on large sizes. Size variety in bras is 60-120, cups A-N, in bikinis 65-110, cups A-I, in swimsuits and nightwear sizes 36-54.

Company has a shop in Parikkala near Russian border 60 km to north from Imatra (half way from Imatra to Savonlinna, from Savonlinna to Unelma-Asu is also around 60 km to south). We also sell via by mailorder so it is possible to order products by calling our customer servise +358-44-3344940 or by e-mail saarawilhelms@yahoo.com. Unelma-Asu has a customer program where customer gets discounts based on purchase amount.






PERJANTAINA 24.5. Klo 10-20 RaittiRemmakat-iltamyyntitapahtuma Parikkalan keskustassa

POISTOJA OUTLET-HINNOIN, liivejä, bikinejä ym alkaen 10€

Hyvinistuvat PrimaDonna-liivit esim. puuvillavuorinen Mohala ja selästä ristitettävä Vya!

Tervetuloa ostoksille ja ammattitaitoiseen sovitukseen!





Parikkalantie 12, 59100 Parikkala